Family – Not Only a Common Last Name

Family is a vast word. Family. It may mean something from a group of random individuals who carefully and politely treat one another to their relatives’ physical relationship. Family may have a positive and negative connotation; the thieves’ family is somewhat different from the goodmen’s family. This short essay would discuss family lines, i.e. individual family members, particularly, and the relation between family members.

Everyone are relatives, mothers, husbands, daughters, a sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. Some families are tiny, some large (both in mind and position) and some remote. Some families are small. In families worldwide and with so many variations between families, a shared thread can be identified. It can be defined as a mental link.

We suddenly become very attached to our mother when we are born. The association with our father follows, and as we age, we learn how to develop deeper connections in life with others. It has to do with longevity that babies have such close relations with their mother and dad.

Some claim that the monkey is our nearest relative. Did you ever see a monkey newborn? It clings desperately and with a good purpose to her mother, so mother monkeys move on, chew, drink, and swing with their newborns from limb to extremity. In case a baby monkey is not closest to his mother, it might hit another monkey only as his mother prepares to spring, and the effect would be less than helpful.

Thus, people rely on their relationship with their immediate relatives to defend and provide about them as they enter their early infancy. For the rest of us, what does that mean? Ok, you certainly know this need to call or see parents from time to time if you still live on your own. You might have a pretty poor relationship with your parents. Maybe one of your parents never came when you were a child. I’m always going to bet you get the itch to get into contact, to touch base. This can be correlated explicitly with our childhood.

The founder of attachment theory, John Bowlby, claimed that the connection between parents and children is the most significant contributor to a child’s personality growth. Even when tragedies happen or the strife threatens to split the bond, the connection between children and their parents, siblings and distant relatives tends to hold families together.

But the next time that you sit at the picnic table watch Aunt Gertrude and Uncle Benjamin watching the potato bicker and wonder if your relationship with your family is fruitful. After all, the next time you’re in a mess, who’ll give you another hundred bucks, though grudges?

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