New Technology: Is It Worth the Hefty Cost?

The exorbitant price tag brings even the Middle-Class Americans out of control once the industry is struck with a tasty piece of modern technology. Dyson’s air multiplier, one of the most recent developments, is no different. Just $399.95, as I looked for a great price on the Internet, I found them for $329.95 with free transport. I saw one for the first time at a centre last weekend. This bladeless fan seems like one of these futuristic scientific-fi flicks comes right.

No wonder Dyson will make this super futuristic fan. Despite revolutionizing the vacuum industry, this fan seems to be a little drop with the bagless Dyson Ball and the hand drying industries with the Dyson Air blade. Although other Dyson innovations have dramatically changed their competing results, it appears that this fan does not give a significant difference in contrast with the tried and tested releases after the American inventor Dr Schulyer Wheeler invented the two-bladed electrical fan at the age of 22, 1886.

It has some redemptive functionality. It is lovely; it is basically a work of art relative to a regular circular fan. It looks more like a super futuristic sculpture than a fan, beyond doubt. The thing is new. I can easily see one of his district on board the Enterprise seated on Captain Kirk’s desk. I like the unrestricted speed control even more than the preset speeds that other fans have to pick from, and it would surely be easy to manage. Even Dyson’s fan is probably more excellent if you’re little children or pets playing with no spinning blades to hurt little fingers or pat.

On the other hand, the fan of Dyson in other places is unfortunately deficient. “The air multiplier bathes customers silently in constantly cool brise,” the Dyson crowd claims. “The brise is smooth and steady, but the 12” model displays no amount of air other than the 10-inch fan on my desk. It doesn’t cool the air faster than a regular bladed fan, and I got hair dryers that make the racket so much that I can scarcely hear it going, which is something that I treasure in my office. It would also appear that the Dyson Air Multiplier would not satisfy its excitement. Dyson has the ludicrously cheaper fan on the market now, but you still go out to buy one if you browse for aesthetics rather than performance or if you want a perfect talking object.

In the past, I sometimes disagreed with the results of the panellists at Consumer Reports Magazine, but they did not give it more thumbs in their July 2010 edition than I did. They did finish their article by telling, “You’ll save a good $264.99 by buying a conventional fan.”

The sad part is that I can buy three small window air conditioners and cools three small rooms at the temperature of a refrigerator at the exact cost of one Dyson Air Multiplier, which would almost cool one person. I give air-conditioners my vote for one.

Electrochromic windows or bright windows are another new technology. When a key is flipped, such windows switch from translucent to opaque or shaded by a power signal. It will obsolete the curtains and blinds of conventional windows. Many businesses sell those openings, but they are so pricey that they don’t even have price lists. The windows are designed to accommodate each other, and the rates are all quoted.

The latest technology still comes, and I paid for it with a hefty price tag. I recall paying 750 US dollars for my first VCR, and the latter cost me just about 69 USD. I shelled out an awesome $1400,00 when I purchased my first camcorder, but I’m paying under $300 for the one in my office now, which runs laps around this first antique. My first machine ready for the Internet cost me two big ones. It’s got a 1⁄4 gig and a 56 meg ram. My mobile phone has more computing capacity than the computer, and it just slips into my shirt pocket for a fraction of the cost.

No, I don’t go out anymore and buy the latest invention as it comes out first. Instead, I wait for China to clone it and mass-producing it for hundreds of dollars less and more. I will be prepared to bet that the Chinese version will be in the market by the time you start dreaming about fans in 2011, or even louder for them.

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