Revolution of Blogging

When the Internet began, a small computer network spreads mainly ideas and interests on computer boards.

It was very important. They talked about new equipment, video games, new programming, new applications for their computers, Star Wars and Star Trek. When the Internet found its way to more middle-class homes, it became a place to research trivialism, news and much media publicity and experimentation in the mid-to-late 1990s. Some thought that computers were the latest TV and while this seemed possible again recently, it just didn’t work.

The Internet was once again a wasteland of experimentation, but the nerd seed had now been planted into people who previously had all scientific fiction and mathematics been disabled. Instead, the dot com bubble burst at the ends of the ’90s. As the ages progressed and the Internet became the hotbed of the people of commerce, they always seemed to realize that it could become another world. The boards of those messages became the Blog.

Only the most fundamental element in Web 2.0 was ‘The Blog.’ A world of “user generated content.” People no longer logged into the Web and went to sites to read things about them. These sites have now been created. The shocking waves of this have felt very quickly and have been aggravated by a growing comfort and devotion to sharing people and opinions on the Web, with the new, particularly social network sites (Friendster begat MySpace, MySpace begat Facebook, etc.).

Blogging is, of course, a niche, but reading the thoughts and interests of friends and strangers on the Internet became acceptable and reliable blogging became more important by way of trial and error. Soon these blogs had a measurable impact on big business and politics. Suddenly, a blog site might break a news story or create a new meme. Of course, your blog free, and that’s why the cream always waded through the muck, but it was always exciting to get to the top. In every sense of the word, it was a meritocracy.

Although many people still use the Web for funny quotes and fun short stories, they have gained more weight and started their careers. The Blog seemed to have infiltrated everything that we do in our society. It’s a revolution, indeed.

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