The Problem With MLM Distributor LIES! The Truth of MLM Is Good Enough!

There are now two problems facing the MLM industry. The second is the usual (perspective) people believing in their own greed unrealistic arguments from MLM firms and distributors. Firstly, distributors are missing the advantages and DESPRECTing the work to be done.

Many ordinary people succumb to SCAM against a legitimate MLM company. This is why they are not.

The worst thing is that the truth is sufficient! MLM distributors believe that they need to improve the reality too much to thrive in the industry every day. The worst part is that they are always partly guided by the prospective fault!

The truth of MLM is that if you constantly work for 1 hour a day, you can fulfill your dreams in MLM.

What does it mean? What does it mean?

You will get a full six-figure income in the coming years if you commit 1 hour a day for 1 year for your MLM company. Is that not good enough? Is that not good enough? What else will you sometimes spend less than $1,000 a month on a meager hour for a day, and perhaps less than $200 a month to spend a year to bring the basics down to six-digit earns over a few years?

Look at the conventional university route to see how it works?

Personally, in my post-secondary school, I have paid my way. I have been in the summer and part of my stay at a BCIT or British Columbia Technology Institute in Canada in order to do so.

In West Fraser, a Lumber courtyard, I worked for about 20 hours a week at night and on weekends. That’s around 3 hours a day on average. At the same time, I have been working for my mechanical engineering degree in BCIT classes and laboratories for about 37.5 hours a week. Then about twenty hours a week, I made homework and assignments.

For 2 years, I spent just around $6000 a year on my teaching and books.

So in the last 8 months of University, I can tell that I pay $750 PER MONTH a year. The cost of petrol, insurance and repairs for my car was not included. I lived and transported by car to BCIT with my packed lunch every day at my parents’ house (thanks Mom for keeping the refrigerator in storage!).

I averaged 77.5 hours a week, or an incredible 11 hours a day for weeks to realize my dream of becoming a Mechanical Engineer (actually my father’s dream)! This does not include Each route to BCIT for 1 hour per day.

When I graduated from BCIT, I graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Commerce (The University of British Columbia). But I did live at Campus, which I know is expensive but don’t remember what price. It was much more straightforward than BCIT but around the same tuition rate. I have just 15 hours of classes a week and about 15 hours a week of activities or homework in addition to the 20 hours worked a week. A considerably more fair 50 hours a week or 7:14 hours a day 7 days a week!

Let’s look a little at why I had so much time and money spent on being an engineer?

The truth is I had just out of high school ZERO Mechanical Engineering Skills. Yet I had a long way to go. I had a few entire buildings like Algebra and physics.

To get the EDUCATION I needed to become an Engineer, I invested all this money and time. If I had to become a true engineer, imagine how much I had done over several years at my JOB I would be a professional engineer for 40 or More Hours per week.

MLM isn’t different, but everybody wants to Believe it is. It’s not different.

You must stay 1 hour a day for at least one year to do it well. That is because you don’t know how to do it and you must first practice it. Just like I had to develop my basic blocks and personal knowledge to become an engineer, you’re going to have to take your basic building blocks and LEARN everything that you don’t know over the course of a year or so about being a good MLM distributor with a Day of your time.

When you understand, you can earn a big difference. It may not be too much in your first year, but imagine that if you were to net $300 or so a month after, all the expenses would that change your life?

Do you know that you need almost $110,000 in the bank to gain an investment at an annual rate compound of three percent?? (This by

We haven’t started talking about the effects of personal income taxes on your own home company. These can also be priced at $300 a month at SAVED TAXES.

You will change the entire financial scenario after you have a Home Based company. You can waive any losses against your usual JOB (Just Over Broke) profits from your Home based company!

Any time you go out to dinner, you do business as long as you speak to the attendant or waitress about your new business in passing. In other words, before you use a tax dollar, you save the amount of money you used to spend on your meal for AFTER taxes.

On average, North America pays 24.3 percent or more for revenue tax (according to If you do not own your own home company, a $100 supper costs $100. If, however, you have a home-owned business, the government pays you only $76.

In most nations, you can then claim a share of house and mortgage expenses. You have to do it, not just register and do nothing. You have to do it.

Thus, you are saved taxes by a few hundred dollars a month for commodities, telephones and internet, food, transportation, and meetings, and your NET is $300 per month!

All right, well enough, back to the facts!

Only one hour a day’s work after a year of studying. Oh wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. How quick is the day for an hour? Now here is MLM’s greatest reality.

An ordinary person can barely do an HOUR a day.

I always joked that if I gave someone an award for $100,000 just to come home and sit one hour a day on my balcony chair, my money would be safe forever.

Let’s say my $100,000 reward rules are clear. 1 hour a day, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Every day must be chosen and dedicated to it at the same time as every day. Get 1 minute late. You’re out. You’re out. You’re OUT, Miss just one day! You’re out, I don’t care if your daughter’s sick or the dog’s dead or you’ve had a huge fight with your mom.

Note NO days off! Weekends off! Ok, why would you take my $100,000? I didn’t get weekends OFF at University?

No holiday…. Holidays were just a chance to work or study further, like Christmas Day when I went to University!

What if you were so late the traffic was wrong? I don’t care, come early, after all, $100,000 we’re talking about.

By now, I bet most of you assume that I’m just meant to make the Rules so complicated!

Well, with all the PROSPECTS out there this is the problem. You want to do all the $100,000, but you don’t want to do the work or learn.

I know you don’t want to talk to your family or friends. Your contact list is not to be made. Any books you don’t want to read. You don’t want to go to the conference. DO NOT JOY AN MLM because you won’t do it!

Huuh!!! In the University, I had no choice but Continuously to attend meetings. I had no choice but to do things that I didn’t want to do, and I didn’t feel good with anyone I don’t usually like. Professors (Professors)

I had to do it on the time frame in the professor’s way, EVEN though I didn’t Perfect! Beware, I paid for this torment for $750 a month!

But now, I said I worked to pay my way through the University. This was tough and bad. I had to arrive every day ON TIME at work or could fire me. As a part of the work I otherwise preferred to do, I did stuff I did NOT pleasantly (like cleaning up the washroom, we all took turns). I had to request time off in ADVANCE, and they even said NO often! I had to listen, I couldn’t decide all of them myself, to what other people told me. Can you guess????? The employers’ nerve!!!

And your MLM Job, what about? I bet, you protested and you dismissed some, many or even all the stuff your mentor has tried to teach you before. I bet that you’re interested before. Will you ever act with your JOB in such a way?

Are you beginning to see how much of an EASIER MLM you dream of?

It’s a giant reality here now. You may, MLM isn’t just for you! Okay, I said that! Not everyone’s MLM! Not everyone should engage in MLM!

Not everybody wants to be an MLM dealer who makes $100,000 a year, just as not everyone is going to universities to be a lawyer, or accountant or engineer.

The difference is that Everyone CAN be an MLM distributor with success.

Only know what it’s going to take. AN HOURE A DAY is likely to last two years or more for a lengthy time to reach the $100,000. You won’t learn all the skills that you don’t have! You’re going to have to spend cash! You’re going to have to use your time!

What else can you do with too little effort to earn this kind of money, within such a timeframe?

So you see, the truth is the truth, the truth is good! If you the PROSPECT will stop promising your friend or family member, then the friend who GESS it would not feel compelled by their perfectly truthful and GOOD ENOUGH MLM chance, would be easier, simpler, cheaper or even magical.

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