No-Nonsense System for Building Wealth by Ric Edelman

If you were to ask the average person today their greatest concern, they will all respond with the word “wealth.” Despite a few rumours that things might be improving fast, the truth is that our financial situation is precarious at best. And if there are signs that things are improving for families, we are still not out of the woods, and many families are yet to rebuild, if they ever can. Any people have questions and concerns about the world, which they are now dealing with. They’re unsure if they’ll be able to enjoy the life they’ve worked so hard for. They wonder if they were the ones who started the “run” in the first place, and if there’s any possibility they’ll come out on top financially. According to Ric Edelman, the response is “yes,” and he is more than happy to show people how in his 8-CD audio collection, Ric Edelman’s No-Nonsense System for Building Wealth.

When Ric says his show is “no-nonsense,” he means that and emphasises it. He believes that teaching people the same strategies that aren’t effective is futile. Although certain financial fundamentals will still be in effect, he claims that financial “laws” that make sense in the past are no longer valid in today’s world. It’s pointless to teach people strategies that may have succeeded five years ago but are now impossible to implement in today’s economy. Ric doesn’t see the point of teaching people about outdated methods that complement modern technologies that weren’t even available at the turn of the century! The world is shifting at a breakneck rate. If anyone is going to survive, let alone keep afloat, they must be able to adapt with the times.

Ric Edelman’s method, No-Nonsense System for Building Wealth, is based on an eight-point strategy. The following are the eight stage plans:

If you know how to financially protect yourself in today’s world in a way that makes sense?

Do you know how to spend your money in a way that would benefit your family in the long run?

Can you get the current guidelines for borrowing, debt, and spending?

Can you have a list of the right excuses to quit your job? Are you aware of any new ways to increase your earnings?

Are you really planning to keep your career for another 40 years and a gold watch?

Your residence: Do you know how to make the real estate industry work for you now that it’s in shambles?

Your belongings and your company: Do you know how to make Washington’s current tax laws and services work for you?

When you buy Ric Edelman’s No-Nonsense System for Building Wealth, you’ll hear all of these points and more. The collection is reasonably priced at about $65.00. Learn how to work and win in today’s world in a straightforward manner.

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