How to Stream Games on Twitch by Mobile & Computer

How to Stream Games on Twitch by Mobile & Computer

Gaming is a whole new world with many benefits. You can see the extreme passion for gaming from teens, who are at a time in their lives where they want to do everything as well-rounded and diversely as possible. Do you game yourself? It’s great! With each passing day, these games grow more elaborate, while Twitch just adds another dimension of entertainment by giving gamers an opportunity to share their skills live on camera so that others may watch them play without interrupting or distracting them too much during gameplay. But what about streaming your own content over there?

It’s no surprise that today’s generation loves video games – after all it seems like every other kid around is addicted (in some way) to this form of interactive.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Should I get on Twitch?” Well did you know that it’s for anyone? All you need is some good skills and equipment.

What is Twitch?

For gamers, Twitch is a place where they can watch other people play their favorite games and see them make awesome scores. Talk shows are also available to entertain viewers who aren’t playing any of the games themselves for entertainment purposes only. Around 15 million individuals use the platform daily as viewer memberships indicating how popular this online service has become since its introduction in 2006 by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear.

Things you need to have to stream on Twitch

One of the best ways to share your gaming expertise is by streaming on Twitch. Creating an account and interacting with other gamers takes some time, but it’s worth it!

If you’re curious about how to get started as a casual gamer or if you want more information before diving in headfirst into this amazing world, then read ahead for all that needs knowing when starting out on Twitch.


The Twitch PC requirements are very specific and if you don’t have the right hardware, there’s no way you’ll be able to stream. For example: a current Intel Core i5-4670 Processor and Windows 7 or 8GB RAM at the absolute minimum is what they recommend from themselves.

If you want to stream your PC games, make sure you have a good graphics card. A Direct X10-compatible GPU is best for the high quality visuals that gaming viewers deserve!

If you want to stream your best TV show ever – whether it’s on Netflix or a personal movie library, make sure that the internet connection is fast. Desktop streaming will be better for most people than laptop screens and mobile devices because of high-end speed requirements (and so are PCs).

Ever wanted to stream your gameplay without the hassle of a PC? Gaming consoles are what you need. With either PS4 or Xbox, all you have to do is connect and play! For that reason alone they make some of the most popular options for streaming gamers who want an easy way out – no setup required (and less money spent).

A good streaming software

The Twitch PC requirements are very specific and if you don’t have the right hardware, there’s no way you’ll be able to stream. For example: a current Intel Core i5-4670 Processor and Windows 7 or 8GB RAM at the absolute minimum is what they recommend from themselves.

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OBS: There are a variety of software available for the same purpose. But, the Open Broadcasting Software has no match. Yes, this software is completely free and the topmost choice for the best content creators on the Twitch platform.
vMix: This software is ideal to use when you are confident about yourself and your skills.
Xsplit: You may not want to go for this one as this software offers you the best services but, only with paid subscription.

Twitch has just announced their new streaming software, which will be available soon. They are giving you a head’s up right now so that when it is released, you have everything ready to go!

Camera and Microphone

Streaming is a new phenomenon that has changed the way people interact and have fun with each other. The quality of your audio, voice clarity, and camera are crucial factors to provide viewers an enjoyable experience. If you don’t sound good or can’t be seen properly, nobody will want to watch or listen – this could kill their chances of making connections!

The best microphones for gaming sessions are the Samson G-Track Pro, Zalmon ZM-Mic 1 and Blue Yeti Nano. They offer commendable performances with excellent audio quality that will help you provide an edge when doing commentary for a game.

Three high-tech cameras that will make your audience say “WOW” as you move around the stage are Razer Kiyo, Logitech HD Pro C920 and Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000. With these three cutting edge products in tow, even if it rains for an hour straight before your big speech, no one would ever know!

An account on Twitch

  1. For desktop, and go for the Sign up procedure. You need to fill out the details they are asking.

  1. For mobile,

Go for the Twitch mobile application to make your account. It is recommended that you must sign up with your mobile number and then, add an email ID.

How to live stream on Twitch?


1: You will definitely need to download the Twitch app.

2: login to the app. Complete the two-factor authentication.

3: on the upper left corner of the screen, you will see a profile image button. Select it.

4: a screen appears with “Go Live” button. Press the same.

5: now, you need to give your live stream a proper name.

6: from the drop-down menu, select the “content categories”.

7: select the camera.

8: now, you can share the link of your live stream.

9: Press the “Start stream” button.


We have already mentioned two-three software, you can go with any of them. I will help you with OBS studio. So, now, you need to install the OBS studio software. After you are done with the installation process, you will be asked about whether to run or not the auto-wizard configuration. In this situation, go for the manual setup.

Now, follow the settings as File > Settings > Stream in OBS Studio. After that you will need to choose Twitch as your service. At this point, you can do the two things.

1.You can connect your Twitch account to OBS studio. You can do the same with only login information.