How Satya Nadella Become Worlds Most Favourite CEO

How Satya Nadella Become Worlds Most Favourite CEO?

Satya Nadella received a hefty $44.3 million as paid for his role as CEO of Microsoft in 2020. Satya is now one of the world’s highest-paid non-founder CEOs, only surpassed by Sundar Pichai and Tim Cook. Satya did not join Microsoft with high-level contacts, as Steve Ballmer did, nor did he join particularly early, as he did not join until 1992, 16 years after Microsoft was formed. So here’s our Satya Nadella gradually working his way up there. Corporately, he ascended the corporate ladder to become Microsoft’s CEO.

Early Life:-

Satya was born in Hyderabad, India on August 19, 1967. His father was an Indian Administrative Service or IAS officer, and his mother was a Sanskrit professor. Satya would eventually wind up attending a local public school called the Hyderabad Public School, and it appears that Satya was more or less an average kid, as no biography on Satya highlights any particularly unique features about him.

satya nadella parents


He wasn’t recognised for having an incredible memory, nor was he a high achiever, Indeed, an interview with David Rubenstein sat there revealed that he never aspired to be a senior CEO. He wanted to go with the flow and take life one step at a time. Satya recalls that all he wanted to do was study economics and acquire a good career at a local bank. Meanwhile, his parents simply wanted Satya to stop playing cricket and focus more on his studies.

satya nadella playing cricket

It was truly such as father or that pushed to major in engineering at the Manipal Institute of Technology, which has the letters MIT, ironically. Satya finished with a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering in 1988, and after that, Satya’s father would push him to pursue an education in the United States. As a result, Satya began applying to Master’s programs in the United States. Satya would be admitted to the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee’s Department of Computer Science. Two years later, in 1990, he received his Master’s degree in computer science and landed a job with Sun Microsystems.

Joining Microsoft:-

It’s unclear what exactly he did at Sun Microsystems, but we do know that he worked in IT. He didn’t stay long, however, since he left for Microsoft in 1992. Satya was involved in the development of the Windows NT operating system as well as the Interactive TV system.

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It’s a mirror Satya married Anupama, the daughter of one of his father’s friends, a few years later and satya, pursuing an MBA from the University of Chicago while working full time at Microsoft. Satya would achieve the MBA in 1997, which aided his rise through the ranks at Microsoft.

Executive Post:-

Microsoft experienced a huge business restructure at the turn of the Millennium. As Bill Gates retired from his role as CEO, Steve Ballmer became the new CEO, and everyone below him was given the opportunity to advance. As a result, Satya was able to land his first executive role at Microsoft as the Vice President of Microsoft B Central. This was a relatively unknown subsidiary of the corporation that specialised in offering professional online services to small businesses.

Personal Life:-

categorised as liars Given that he hadn’t even been with the company for ten years, this was a huge accomplishment for Satya. His personal life, on the other hand, was not at this stage. Satya and Anu’s first son, Zane sat, was born in August 1996, almost as smoothly. Before Zane’s birth, he was regarded as being preoccupied with little matters. Apparently, he was attempting to determine when a new employee could return to work, how they might enjoy their weekends while caring for your infant, and so on and so forth.

satya nadella family

Satya’s entire life would be turned upside down when Zane was born. Zane had been suffering from undiagnosed asphyxiation, which means he wasn’t getting enough oxygen. Satya battled for many years after Zanes’ birth to discover solutions as a result of serious brain damage and eventually cerebral palsy and quadriplegia. What went wrong with him, and why did this happen to him? But, with the support of his wife, Satya came to an epiphany while he was justifiably feeling sorry for himself. Anu’s attitude on life has entirely changed. She gave up her work to devote all of her time and energy to ensuring that Zane has the greatest life possible. This was beneficial to Satya. They recognised that nothing had occurred to him, that what had happened had happened to Zane, and that Satya needed to understand and accept our reality in order to be the best parent he could be.

As you might expect, this event has altered not only his approach to parenting, but also his approach to life in general, including his work. Satya grew more grounded, sympathetic, and modest than ever before when the new century began in the early 2000s, and sat there was elevated to corporate vice president of Microsoft Business Solutions just a few years later, in 2007 He would be elevated to the position of senior vice president of research and development.

However, satya’s personal life was once again lagging behind his professional life. Satya’s second child was born with significant learning disabilities. Because of their previous experience with Zane, Satya and Anu were much more prepared to assist their daughter. However, parenting their daughter would be extremely challenging. Their nearest cold, which would best meet their daughter’s needs, was across the Canadian border in Vancouver, roughly two to three hours from Seattle. As a result, Satya and. Anu and her two daughters went to Vancouver after deciding to split their family and live in different places to suit their daughters Satya and Zane. The family would only get together on weekends.

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Becoming the CEO:-

Anyhow, Satya moved up the corporate ladder at Microsoft, eventually becoming President of Microsoft Server and telling business in 2011. Satya’s important advancement would come a few years later, when Steve Ballmer stepped down as CEO. Satya was one of the candidates for CEO at the time, although he wasn’t the frontrunner. Choose Pursy during the board interview process. However, as we stated throughout the article, Satya swiftly became the focus. Sat down never had a huge ego or lofty ambitions.

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He was a modest man, and his experience as a dad had solidified him even more. As a result, when the board asked Satya if he wanted to be CEO, he assumed they merely said “if you want me to“. This response clearly perplexed the board. People that desired to be CEO and knew what it entailed. They were often self-assured in their responses on why they should be the new CEO. Satya’s unique approach was well received by the board, and Satya was appointed CEO of Microsoft on February 2nd, 2014.

Contribution as CEO:-

Since then, I believe Satya has developed Microsoft through three key channels, the first of which is embracing competition. For the longest period at Microsoft, I believe Satya has placed a strong emphasis on becoming as dominating as possible. They went to tremendous pains to achieve this, whether it was pushing people to use Internet Explorer or bailing out Apple to avoid a monopoly lawsuit. Steve Ballmer attempted to carry on in this vein.

satya nadella bill gates

Despite the fact that Microsoft had clearly missed the smartphone trend, Steve pushed the company into it. Similarly, Steve oversaw the launch of Windows 8, which attempted to combine mobile operating systems with Windows and was a colossal failure. Satya, on the other hand, was able to accept the fact that Microsoft had lost out on several areas, and instead of pouring billions into missed possibilities and attempting to buy their way to the top, Satya conceded. Instead of trying to bring down the winners in these markets, seek for opportunities to partner with them. Satya, for example, oversaw the release of Microsoft Office on iPad, as well as the debut of Microsoft programmes such as Outlook on Android and iOS. Satya has even advocated for the deployment of the Linux operating system in Azure Cloud.

Apart from collaborating with the Socceroos, Microsoft focuses on Windows and Office. Microsoft had already seized control of the computer operating system market. And instead of trying to milk customers by releasing a new version of Windows. Every few years, they close their doors and opt to relax. Satya oversaw the release of Windows 10, which brought back memories of Windows 7 and XP. He also made it very simple for users to get Windows 10 for free. While this may not have been the best business option, in the near run, Windows 10 was critical in regaining consumer trust. There were even reports that Windows 10 would be the final major version of Windows, with Microsoft only providing updates every now and again. Microsoft clearly changed the reminder given that we now have Windows 11, but the method has remained the same. With Windows 11, Microsoft did not attempt to reinvent the Windows experience. Instead, they chose to keep things somewhat recognizable while making the experience more fluid and dependable by reducing the number of windows. Satya was able to extend Microsoft into areas where there were still prospects, such as cloud computing, and surface books.

Azure is acknowledged as making the most significant contribution to Microsoft’s company, while Apple and Google focused on it. Possession of the consumer cloud market. The enterprise cloud market was still mostly dominated by AWS, which is a costly choice. Satya successfully used this market gap on Sunday, promoting Azure as the less expensive option to AWS. I did not attempt to take over or outperform AWS. He chose to capitalize on what Windows wasn’t doing rather than what they were doing exceptionally well. Satya was also among the first to notice the trend toward lighter laptops. Google had arrived. With their Chromebooks, which were very appealing to users and students, Microsoft stated they capitalized on this trend by producing the Surface Book, which has proven to be incredibly appealing to a small set of individuals.


Satya managed a few of important acquisitions in addition to these three basic improvements to Microsoft. In 2014, Microsoft paid $2.5 billion for Minecraft; in 2016, Microsoft paid $26.2 billion for LinkedIn; and in 2018, Microsoft paid $7.5 billion for GitHub. All of these purchases have merely propelled Microsoft forward, allowing the company’s stock to skyrocket 700% since Satya became CEO.

So, what lessons can we draw from Satya Nadella?

More than his brilliance, execution, and level-headedness, I believe their most valuable trade Satya Microsoft was a character. Satya brought to Microsoft humility, modesty, and empathy. A leader cannot change a company on his or her own. Leaders require the support of their people, and Satya’s persona was able to win over Microsoft employees more than any other CEO in the world. Satya is, in reality, the sixth most approved CEO in the world, according to his employees, with an approval rate of. 97 percent of the time. To put this in context, Tim Cook ranks US 32, thus their pitcher ranks US 90, and Elon Musk does not even make the top 100. Given this, I doubt any of you would be surprised to hear the Saturn. Nadella was also appointed chairman of the Microsoft Board of Directors in June. What are your thoughts on Satya’s slight rise? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Also, if you think Satya will succeed.