What to do If You Want to Change Your Name After Your Marriage

What to do If You Want to Change Your Name After Your Marriage

Getting married and changing your name is a right of passage that many people take for granted. In order to make all the changes, you should know there are several steps to follow, but don’t let it turn into a nightmare because most people do not know where they start their change which usually leads them down the wrong path. The process typically takes few months before completion, so be sure to read up on what we have in store here.

Certificate of Marriage

When you marry, the first thing you do is get your marriage certificate. This documents where and when it happened in case anything comes up later (i.e., kids). Make sure to have a certified copy of this document on hand at all times; make an extra one so that no matter what happens with the original, there’s always a backup for everything else related to changing your name.

Social Security Card

To start the process of getting a new Social Security card, you’ll need to visit your local SSA office. You can fill out Form SS-5 online and submit it in person or mail it back along with copies of valid ID such as a driver’s license, state identification card, U.S. passport – anything that proves who you are.

Department of Motor Vehicles

Getting up early to get your driver’s license updated is not the best way to kick off a day. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers more than just renewing or upgrading our licenses; it also has dozens of other important services, including vehicle registration renewal and plates replacement. Make sure you call in advance for an appointment with DMV which will save time when waiting at their countertops without one. Your new social security card is the key to good travel and your personal identity. With a certified copy of your marriage license, proof of address in hand, and some other paperwork from your state’s DMV- it will be easy for you to get on board with all that traveling.

Car Registration

In order to keep your car registration up-to-date, you should research the requirements for doing so in each state. You will need different documents depending on where you live, but it is important that they are all addressed and updated properly as soon as possible. If you’re leasing or financing your car, there’s one more step to take. You must contact the lienholder and get their approval before updating your title with a new name.


You can have your passport updated for free if it is less than one year old, or you will need to pay a processing fee. You may also be required to fill out different forms depending on what status you are in. If this sounds confusing, just go online, and we’ll walk through the process together!

If you plan to travel outside of the United States you know that’s not an option without updating your passport first! There are three different types of passports with many other factors involved as well: 1) It needs upgrading when there is more than one year left on its validity -this costs $110; 2) When expired but only has six months remaining before expiration-$30 upgrade charge applies here too; 3) Passports which

Voter Registration

Updating your voter registration is simple and easy to do! You can go online at vote.gov, download the National Voter Registration Application (NVR), fill it out in its entirety, then mail the completed form back to be processed for approval or rejection. A few states don’t accept this process, though, so you will need to check with them about how they would like you to update your information if that’s where you live; usually, there are other places such as driver license offices where updating your info should prove relatively painless too.

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United States Postal Service

If you have recently moved, the US Postal Service recommends updating your address and name by mail to avoid any problems when sending or receiving packages. For detailed instructions on how to do this log onto moversguide-usps-com

Another important step is for newlyweds to make sure their new mailing addresses are updated with the United States postal service (USPS) after moving into a new home. This would be necessary only if they had not yet done so since their wedding day. The USPS website has all of the needed information that can be found at moversguide-usps-com

Bank Accounts

The act of changing your name on a bank account is surprisingly complex. It requires the use of an updated photo ID, which you will need to present at one of their offices and prove that it matches up with in person identification as well (driver’s license or passport). If you plan on adding your spouse to any accounts, then they must go along too!

Credit Cards

The next item on your list is to request new credit cards. You will want your name on the new card, so you can begin by calling the phone number printed at the back of each current credit card in your wallet. Most may vary per company, and they’ll likely require various information from you- it’s best that when we’re done, there won’t be any more “mystery” charges or transactions coming up as soon as this week! It can be hard to get a new card with your name on it. Your photo ID, marriage certificate and being ready for the boring paperwork are all you need! Luckily American Express has an online tool that allows you to change your identity as soon as possible.

You’ve done all of the work you need to do to make your name change process complete. Now it’s time to take a look at some smaller things, like how other pieces of software and online platforms will react with your new identity. After making these changes one by one, you’ll have more peace of mind than ever before!

  • To alter information with your employer, contact your HR department.
  • If you work for the government or the military, you can get in touch with the payroll and benefits department.
  • Professional licenses and organizations, such as your doctorate, teaching certificate, and so forth.
  • A mortgage, lease, or rental arrangement for a home.
  • Health, life, term disability, auto, homeowners, and renters insurance are all available.
  • Accounts for investing.
  • Utilities.
  • Your pharmacy, physicians, and dentist office are examples of medical providers.
  • Airlines and hotels have loyalty schemes.

What are our most prized possessions? We all have a list in which we would place different items. For some, it is their children and family members. Others may say work or money; but the one thing that almost everyone has an attachment to-no matter what other things they love is their phone!

We live on social media these days so for many people having access to the internet means everything: from checking emails as well as keeping up with friends and relatives through Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat etc.; however there’s also TV shows like Game of Thrones or Black Mirror (which admittedly I watch too!)

To make the most out of your new name, a person going through a name change needs to update more than 20 places. You’ll likely think about other places where you need to provide this information and want it updated as soon as possible so that people can refer back to them when they’re looking for something else in their lives with your old identity or just know who you are now (like on social media).