Odisha Garima Scheme 2024 Launched For Core Sanitation Workers

Sanitation workers form a cornerstone of a clean and healthy society whose solid work is often underappreciated and unnoticed. Recognizing this difference, the government of Odisha has raised this admirable Garima Scheme 2024.

Such a program aims to change the lives of the sanitation workers in the state by offering them safety, dignity, and welfare.

About the Odisha Garima Scheme 2024

Under this scheme, 20,000 toilet cleaners and their families, comprising a total of 1 lakh people, will be the beneficiaries. A State Commission will be developed to care for Core Sanitation Workers. 

The plan will be implemented in all Odisha States. This is indeed a great initiative by the state government for the welfare of the sanitary workers, which has won the admiration of the whole country.

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SchemeOdisha Garima Scheme
Initiated byGovernment of Odhisa
Launch byChief Minister Naveen Patnaik
Launch year2024
Total beneficiaries20,000 people

The objective of the Odisha Garima Scheme 2024

The primary objective of the Garima Scheme is threefold:

  • Safety: Providing sanitation workers with protective clothing and equipment that are designed to reduce or eliminate any health risks. 
  • Dignity: Eliminating the stigma associated with manual scavenging and establishing a more appropriate working environment. 
  • Economic Security: Government and private institutions should offer financial support and social protection schemes for the future stability of sanitation workers and their families.

Benefits of the Odisha Garima Scheme

The Garima Scheme offers a multitude of benefits to sanitation workers:

  • Techniques for Creating and Teaching New Skills.
  • Health and life insurance, which is crucial for these workers.
  • Facilitation of Counseling.
  • Pay for essential sanitation work, a risk and hardship allowance, and financial support for an injured worker’s family are all included. (A vital tactic that requires support because families bear the brunt of these workers’ mishaps.)
  • House Grant, as well as 90% off motorcycles.
  • routine evaluations of one’s health.
  • Providing Housing Support.
  • actions taken to support education.
  • Aid for Motion.
  • Promotion of Disability Advocates.
  • Pay for Basic Sanitation Work to Increase to a New Level. The officials claim that rates have improved and are highly beneficial.
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Features of the Odisha Garima Scheme

The Garima Scheme goes beyond just financial aid. Here are some noteworthy features:

  • State-wide Implementation: The scheme covers all 114 Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in Odisha, ensuring no sanitation worker is left behind.
  • Machine Deployment: The government will provide necessary machinery for cleaning purposes, reducing the reliance on manual scavenging.
  • Skilled Workforce Creation: Focus on training and creating a skilled sanitation workforce, promoting professionalism in the sector.

Application Process Under Scheme 2024

The specific application process for the Garima Scheme might still be under development. Keep an eye out for official announcements on the website of the Department of Housing & Urban Development, Government of Odisha.

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Contact Details: Odisha Garima Scheme

Address: Housing and Urban Development Department, Govt of Odisha 3rd Floor, Kharvel Bhavan, West Wing, Room No.- 302, Bhubaneswar – 751001

Phone: 0674-2536903 (Office), 2524 (EPABX)

E-mail: hudsec.or@nic.in

The Odisha Garima Scheme 2024 is a beacon of hope for sanitation workers in the state. By recognizing their invaluable contribution and ensuring their well-being, the scheme paves the way for a more just and equitable society. 

Let’s celebrate this initiative and support the sanitation workers who keep our communities clean and healthy!

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