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The Sevarth Mahakosh Portal is a portal or an official portal initiated by the government to meet the demands and queries of the employees of government offices. In simple words, it is an online portal for human resource management and payroll systems for government employees. 

The following article covers the need and benefits of the Sevarth Mahakosh Portal, the registration and login process, the documents to be provided for registration, and other portal facilities that can be availed of and made use of by the users.

What is Sevarth Mahakosh Portal ?

The Maharashtra government has introduced this portal to make the journey and process of employment for government employees hassle-free and also to clear monthly payslip and salary issues instead of visiting HR offices.

This efficient way of saving the employees’ progress regarding salary, bonus, employee or employer contribution, and other allowances gets saved as permanent data in the central database, making it easy for the computation of salary and other tax benefits. 

Sevarth Mahakosh Portal 2024 Important Details

Name of the PortalSevarth Mahakosh Portal
DepartmentFinance Department
Official website
BeneficiariesGovernment Employees and Pensioners

Benefits of the Sevarth Mahakosh Portal 2024

The Government of Maharashtra has launched the Sevarth Mahakosh Portal 2024 to keep track of employees’ and pensioners’ salaries and benefits acquired or accrued throughout their years of service. This process of saving in the database helps with the activities of HR in helping with any salary issues, pensions, or allowances that are availed but yet to be availed by the employees. 

The portal makes it easy for the understanding and computation of salary and benefits and tax calculations at the year-end or during any time of personal loan or expense availability, thereby providing complete data or information about the particular employee. As per the information available from online sources,there are approximately 19 lakh public government employees or workers registered on this portal. 

Eligibility for the Sevarth Mahakosh Portal 2024

You can be eligible for application or registration in the Sevarth Mahakosh Portal if you are an employee of the Government of Maharashtra. The portal, which is developed by the Finance Department of the Government of Maharashtra, has various facilities and applications for easy and efficient usage by the users. The following are a few of its uses:

  • BEAMS: Budget Estimation, Allocation, and Monitoring Systems
  • Government Receipt Accounting System (GRAS)
  • Employees’ Payroll Package (Sevarth)
  • Defined Contribution Pension Scheme (DCPS)
  • Old Pension Scheme 
  • Pay verification unit: service book status
  • Management system for Treasury Net
  • MIS for expenditures and receipts 

Necessary documents 

The government of Maharashtra has come up with a new and innovative digital platform and portal called the Sevarth Mahakosh Portal. It was developed so as to ease the queries and pertaining confusions regarding financial transactions and requests of the government employees of Maharashtra. 

The necessary documents required to be attested are provided on the site, and the users can read and prepare them based on the service they chose to make use of. 

The portal offers a wide range of benefits and facilities to its users by way of:

  • Making salary slips accessible to the employees
  • Used by employees to pay bills including electricity, telephone, mobile phone bills, etc.
  • The general provident fund account can be managed through this portal itself for Grade D employees. 
  • Useful for income tax purposes
  • You can avail of your pension statement and amount at any time and anywhere.
  • E-receipts are generated when any financial transactions are made.
  • User-friendly and transparent interface, making it easily accessible to users of the portal. 

How to apply online in the Sevarth Mahakosh Portal 2024

The application process is quite similar to the login process. A specific procedure is not provided to follow as it’s a common login portal, and users, government officers, and workers can avail of the portal as and when required if they are registered with the portal. 

In the case of a first-time user, the steps are quite simple to follow:

  • Click on the official site of the portal, which is:
  • You will get a homepage where an option to register will be provided. 
  • Click’register’, and provide your name, email ID, mobile number, and department details. 
  • After providing the above details, create a user ID and password for your account. 
  • A CAPTCHA code appears, and for further configuration, enter the exact code. 
  • You can click the’register’ button again to ensure a smooth process of creating an account. 

How do I login to the Sevarth Mahakosh portal?

Following are the steps that are required to be followed to login to the Sevarth Mahakosh Portal:

  • Go to the official site at, which is the Sevarth Mahakosh Portal. 
  • You will get to see the homepage, and you can click the login button on the homepage. 
  • You have to click the required user type, be it an employee, a pensioner, or a worker of a government department. 
  • The respective field of your post should be entered along with your user ID and password. 
  • Then a captcha code tab pops up for further authentication. 
  • Enter the CAPTCHA code, and after that, click on the login option to access your account. 

How do I get the Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip?

  • – Go to the official site and login to the Sevarth Mahakosh Portal. 
  • Enter your user ID and password created earlier for logging in.
  • Click on the ‘employee services’ tab, which is at the top of the of the menu bar.
  • ‘The’sevarth pay slip’ option would be available in the drop-down menu bar.
  • Select that option and click on the necessary month and year for which you want to generate the slip.
  • Click on the ‘download’ button to get a copy of the pay slip requested. 

How do I change my password on the Sevaarth Mahakosh portal?

The procedure for changing the password or resetting it can be done as follows:

  • Visit the official site of Sevarth Mahakosh. 
  • Click the login button on the homepage.
  • Choose the user type—whether you are an employee, a pensioner, or a worker in any department. 
  • After the above steps, you may gain access to the portal and click on the ‘forgot password’ link, which is found below the login or register tab.
  • You can enter the portal using your user ID and old password and click on the submit button.
  • Answer the security question posed before you to further proceed.
  • After clicking the’submit’ button, you will get a one-time password to the registered mail ID or mobile number given at the time of registration. 
  • Enter the OTP and click submit.
  • You can generate a new password and re-confirm the password by entering it again.
  • Click on submit, and the new password gets saved in the data connecting to your account for logging in. 

Sevarth Mahakosh Portal Contact Details

Further contact details with regards to a phone number or other contact details are not provided, except under the site. For further queries or contact options, you can visit the site to gain a better understanding, and the login and registration process mentioned above can be followed for easy surfing and usage of the site for income tax purposes, financial transactions, pension details, etc. 

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