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Are you trying to develop an efficient sand material supply process in Tamil Nadu? No need to look further: Tnsand is an Online portal initiated by the state government to change the trend of sand booking for truck owners and ordinary people.

This blog is dedicated to TNsand only and everything about it. It tells you about why it exists, what benefits you can get from it, how to use the mobile app, how to book online, and a lot more.

The Objective of the TNsand Portal 

The Tamil Nadu Water Resources Department (WRD) launched the TNsand portal with a clear objective: improving the transparency factor and promoting efficiency in sand booking across the state. In contrast to those days, TN SAND was typically a slow line of traffic with heavy paperwork and potential links to illegal dealings. Reserving sand is now made simple and official in TNsand with all the hassles of the past eliminated and a and hassle-free platform provided.

The Benefits of TNsand Portal 

Utilizing TNsand offers a multitude of advantages for both lorry owners and the general public:

  • Transparency: TNsand data and visibility are made possible by displaying dynamically extracted sand quarry data and the real-time booking statuses. This will ensure accurate measurement and prevent mining companies from abusing their power and restrictions from being enforced.
  • Convenience: As for the outdated queue lines, the past belongs to them. TnSand helps you to do everything from reserving sand to going to the beach, saves you time from home or office so that your element will be more convenient.

Efficiency: The online booking process means that the whole process is made more convenient, reducing delays and speeding up the sand acquisition process.

Reduced Black Marketing: TNsandputs an end to the vice of illegal sand lucrative business by serving as the legal and transparent method of sording sand.

Simplified Record Keeping: The portal storage keeps the digital records of all transactions. This enables any participant to view and print the information, such as booking details and invoices.

Harnessing the Power of the TNsand Mobile App

  • Search for Sand Quarries – Locate sand quarries near your location and view details like available quantity and wait times.
  • Register Your Lorry – Register your lorry details, including vehicle type and permit information, to facilitate booking. 
  • Book Sand Online – Book sand directly through the app, specifying the required quantity and preferred pick-up date. 
  • Track Booking Status – Monitor the status of your sand booking in real-time, keeping you informed about the progress.
  • Access Past Bookings – View a history of your previous sand bookings for reference purposes.

Exploring TNsand Online Booking

TNsand’s online booking system is equally efficient if you prefer a web-based approach. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Visit the Official Website – Head to the TNsand portal at
  2. Register as a User – If you’re a first-time user, click New User? Register Here and fill out the registration form with your details. 
  3. Login – log in using your username and password once registered.
  4. Locate Sand Quarries – Search for available sand quarries in your desired location.
  5. Book Sand – Select the preferred quarry, specify the quantity of sand required, and choose a pick-up date.
  6. Confirm Booking – Review your booking details and confirm the booking once everything is accurate.

Important Note – Additional steps might be required for lorry owners booking sand for commercial purposes, such as registering their lorry details and permits.

TNsand Online Vehicle Registration

If you’re a lorry owner planning to use TNsand for sand booking, you must register your vehicle on the portal. This process involves providing details like your lorry registration number, permit details, and uploading relevant documents. Once your vehicle is registered, you can seamlessly book sand online.

Checking Online Sand Booking Status

Curious about the status of your existing sand booking? TNsand allows you to track your booking progress easily. Log in to your account and navigate to the My Bookings section. You’ll find details there like the booking confirmation number, chosen quarry, quantity, and estimated pick-up date.

Logging into the TNsand Portal 

  1. Visit the TNsand website: 
  2. Locate the Login section on the homepage.
  3. Enter your registered username and password.
  4. Click on the Login button.

Upon successful login, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard to manage bookings, access past transactions, and explore other available services.

Exploring Other TN Sand Services

While sand booking is the core functionality, TNsand offers additional services that might be beneficial:

  • E-challan Download—You can download e-challans associated with your sand bookings directly through the portal, eliminating the need for physical collection.
  • News and Updates: The most recent information on sand booking rules and restrictions can be found in the portal’s dedicated news area.
  • Help and Support – Check out the FAQs, troubleshooting advice, and TNsand hotline contact details in the help and support section if you’re having any trouble with the TNsand platform.

Downloading the TNsand Mobile App

To download the TNsand mobile app and experience the convenience of sand booking on the go, follow these steps:

  1. For Android Users – Visit the Google Play Store and search for TNsand. Locate the official TNsand app developed by the Water Resources Department, Tamil Nadu, and tap Install.
  2. For iOS Users – Head to the Apple App Store and search for TNsand. Locate the official TNsand app developed by the Water Resources Department, Tamil Nadu, and tap Get.

Once downloaded, launch the app and register or log in using your existing TNsand credentials. You can then explore the app’s features and start booking sand with ease.


TNsand Helpline Number

The helpline number is readily available if you require assistance using the TNsand portal or mobile app. You can reach the TNsand helpline by dialing 1800 425 4545. 

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